• It’s not an Ice-Cream,
  • It’s not a Smoothie,
  • It’s Frutteto!

Vegan Friendly

100% Natural

Gluten Free

Sugar Free

Dairy Free

No Additives

Our Product

Vegan friendly and gluten-free frozen Frutteto, without any nasty stuff. 100% natural – no additives – rich in nutrient.

Frutteto is a healthy, delicious snack produced entirely with natural products, no dairy, no added sugar, water, no chemicals or things you can’t pronounce.

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    Prevents cancer

    Lowers cholesterol

    Alkalises the whole body

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    Prevents and relieves constipation

    Slows down ageing process and prevents wrinkles

    Helps prevent infections

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    Boosts immune system

    Helps maintain lower blood pressure

    Great source of vitamin C and K

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    Keeps skin healthy

    Reduces hair loss

    Helps reduce anxiety

Italian Traditions

Our Story

Growing up in Italy, the creators of Frutteto have always been used to having immediately available the freshest produce, snacks and drinks.

Over the past years, we have noticed more and more how many unpronounceable ingredients our foods have. That’s why we make Frutteto, an uncompromisingly natural product.

We are now back in our hometown in rural Italy, working closely with fruit growers from all over the world to source only the best ingredients for Frutteto!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: Make food good again!

Frutteto is here to make a difference. We are tired of seeing food being made like science experiments. That’s why we have stripped away all the nastiness and made Frutteto the only we know how to, the natural way.

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About Frutorka s.r.l.

Frutorka started with the acquisition of our manufacturing facilities in Volongo, Italy.
Frutorka was created with two objectives: first to redefine the concept of healthy snack, by offering a free-from solution for people of all ages to provide an innovative way of consuming all year long exotic superfruits, but also to innovate the frozen desserts sector by giving a more sustainable and profitable option to resellers as it does not need to be refrigerated while transported or stored, and keeps its freshness also at room temperature.

Frutteto was launched in 2017. Frutteto uses the highest quality fruits from Panama.

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